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ADDRESS: 10101 Grosvenor Place, #307    North Bethesda, MD 20852
PHONE: 202-403-7971






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Hi, I'm Cheryl!
I'm running for
Montgomery County Council,
District 4



I was born in Washington, DC where my Great Grandparents immigrated legally to begin living the American Dream. They worked hard, never gave up even through adversity, and through it all, they became stronger and LOVED this AMAZING Country. My father and his six siblings were raised in Kensington and loved MoCo where they all stayed to eventually raise their own families as it was a great county that offered a wonderful life. I grew up in Germantown, which was the best place on earth to me and an area I would always consider home. Upon my return to MoCo six years ago, however, I was crestfallen to see the adverse changes that gave me pause and made me ask "what happened to my county and how can I help reverse the damage that has made it a shell of its former self." That's when I decided I had to take action to help restore our once thriving community. The past two and half years the destruction has become worse as our county has fallen even further into chaos and is now becoming known for division, anti-business, anti-American, anti-police, and pro socialistic policies that have NO PLACE IN MoCo.  I refuse to sit back and continue to watch the blatant destruction of my community and will not allow the utter disarray of the now unrecognizable and dangerous shadows of the once safe, thriving, peaceful, united county to be governed by tyranny. 



• Reverse the constant “race” narrative and instill a sense of unity among ALL residents of Montgomery County, including the never-ending push for Critical Race Theory not only in our schools, but in our communities designed to "divide". I will bring back a sense of community and end the deceptive false race narratives.


• End the defunding of our brave and honorable Police officers and abolish “diversity” training as CRIME has NO COLOR. Police should be able to do their jobs with zero pressure to treat criminals of varying races differently. Crime is Crime. I will work to implement policies that let criminals, and those "harboring" that crime, be dealt with swiftly and do away with the coddling of repeat offenders. One strike rules will apply, and ANY illegal committing crimes will be banned from our county.


• End the continuous array of feckless “control” tactics disguised as beneficial efforts, including the “Pilot” program, Thrive 2050, vaccine passports, mask mandates, and the continuous influx of unvetted/undocumented illegals whom the Council has been bringing in for years draining our tax dollars, resources and overcrowding.

• My presence as a Council member will help restore a sense of trust among the voters of Montgomery County that the Council will genuinely listen to their concerns, wants, and needs. I will be YOUR VOICE.


• I will end the constant restraints placed on our businesses, and work to make MoCo one of the top places to start and grow a business. I'll develop "Incentive" programs to entice economic growth for our county by welcoming new companies with open arms.


• I will focus on dealing with vital issues in REAL TIME, not ignore the rise in crime and the opioid crisis, as the Council has done, as they work on changing the name of street signs for example. Irrelevant leadership will end. Our crime rates have been steadily increasing, yet the council ignores it. This will be a TOP priority agenda.


• Fight for better regulation of the “hate” crime accusations to ensure that “evidence” is provided, instead of the rise in false claims which has propagated the council’s race-baiting division tactics, harming those from ALL races who have genuinely been a target of such crimes but are too fearful to come forward.

• Create incentives for CITIZENS to become home owners and remove the endless over-taxing practices that serve no purpose but to fund the socialists agenda the county has adopted. the 5 Cent "bag" tax claims to go toward "water and stream runoff cleanup," and it doesn't.•

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We have seen what our Council “Politicians” have done, and it’s clear they are completely out of touch with the real issues we face, and yet continue to implement policies, regulations and feckless ideologies that have slowly been nothing but an act of destruction. I have built a successful public relations career over the past two decades. As an accomplished Public Relations professional I am a pro-active problem solver, who has developed numerous successful solution-based campaigns for my clients to help build revenue,  and generate positive growth tactics that have turned negative situations into positive, thriving, forward motion opportunities. I have been connecting with people to help them learn, grow, and succeed. Whether providing personal, one-on-one business counsel to industry leaders, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and colleagues, or becoming actively involved in grassroots campaigns, I am committed to the truth and winning solutions for my clients, colleagues, and friends.

 I have no political agenda; my only goals are to reverse the destruction that has been done, to reestablish a safe community, restore our economy, restore our quality of life and to unite our community that the Council divides on every level so we are not focused on their harmful, decimation tactics. I will restore the very purpose of the County Council and one element they have abused which is the fact that THEY WORK FOR US, WE DON'T WORK FOR THEM, NOR DO THEY DECIDE WHAT THEY WANT TO DO! I will LISTEN to my constituents and WORK FOR YOU!  As one of you, I will be the People's advocate, a supporter, and a friend ready to speak up and make changes. I hope you'll join me on my mission to bring MoCo back to life! 


As someone who loves her home, I wanted to “take action,” to dig deeper into the root cause of these disturbing changes. The trail led straight to the Montgomery County Council that has been comprised of the same party affiliation for decades, offering no solutions and one that Is more focused on dividing people along "intersectional" lines rather than building a foundation of hope and prosperity for everyone. 


I'm not a career politician, I'm simply a concerned citizen who wants a better quality of life in my county and to do away with the radical, socialistic and destructive agenda of the current Council. Montgomery County was once considered one of the best places to live in the country, but currently, we are now known as a crime ridden, illegal haven due to deceptive practices via the county government. Our own citizens who pay heavily as we are taxed beyond belief to pay for the unvetted, non-contributing illegals the county has decided to welcome and PAY for above our own Citizens who were either born In the US, or went through the legal process to enter.

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